Oct 21, 2008

Hoshi 4 download

Hey guys!!! this post is especially 4 all sfss bitches:


I present you, HOSHi 4 DOWNLOAD!
now enjoy!

and if 1 more bitch from sfss calls me retard, I will put the sfss big park on download too ;)

Oct 13, 2008

Leaving 4 ever!

true... I'm leaving,I just can't stand that people still say: sanger n00b there, sanger n00b here, sanger n00b is back! I can't stand! I just, got bored too! I will leave gta and I will POST MY SERVER FOR DOWNLOAD so you bitches can enjoy it!

1 More thing! my b-day is on 21'st october so pls, the only b-day present you can make is to forget about my existence on Terra and stop talking about me!


and now my server:

hope you bitches will forget about me and enjoy the server! ADIO NOW!

I'm out of ProD! or whatever..

Sorry guys, sorry to you too YounG but I"m out of ProD, the people doesn't like this name so I decided to leave and to give you the leader rights! you are better then me whenn you lead a team so I want you to lead this team! you can change it's name, do whatever you want!

bye ProD!

Oct 8, 2008

YASIH: 3. Check my new gay thing!

Hey, check my new car, it's just awesome,I added a dildo! (WTF?!), check my new video, check my new paintjob!
I hate this kind of persons that can't shut the fuck up and just spams the chatbox with shits!
And what if you did a shit? let the others check your blog and tell to others and others, not to make publicity by ownself!
Solution: shut the fuck up!

YASIH: 2.I Won!

2'nd shit I can't stand: 1 vs 1 race dust route... that's the scenario... what happenes? the guys drift until the one who drifted better reaches the finish line! well... what If he drifted but he was the last at the speed and the guy who won at the speed said: I won, you can't drift, n00b! etc,etc...
Well, actually you didn't win n00b, cause you just gripped! just reached 200km/h or something like that when the real life drift speed is like 100-120km/h
I hate this shit!
Solution: learn to drift!

YASIH: 1.I am Drift King

Ok, so I started the YASIH campaign! here's the 1'st shit I hate: A person that tells he is the best at drift but he even can't drive straight or powerslide!
Why this? If you said that you are the drift king, prove it, cause I don't know anybody here that is the driftking! There are only good drifters, that's all! you can't call yourself the drift king, it's hilarous and n00bish! What If I say: I am the drift king? All will trust me? no... SO? get a life, you are not the drift king....
Solution: think before talking!

That's enough,N00bs must dissapear!

I just decided to write the things I don't like at some n00bs (actualy 50% of guys are n00bs) with a series of YASIH ( Yes Another Shit I hate)
Only this? No... I will make a team called NF (N00bs Forever) where I will grab all the n00bs from the comunity (the team will get atleast 20 members,I think) So now, LET"S START THE YES ANOTHER SHIT I HATE CAMPAIGN